Paying For Your Journey

CT4N offer a number of ways for you to pay for your journey when travelling with us:


Our drivers accept cash and we also provide change when tendering for your fare. If you can pay for your journey with the exact fare, that will speed up boarding times.


You can pay contactless by using your debit/credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay device.

Simply state your destination, place the card on to the reader located on the ticket machine and wait for the beep to advise that your payment has been taken.

Concessionary Cards

CT4N accept all concessionary cards issued under the National Concessionary Scheme.

When boarding the bus, please place your concessionary bus pass on the reader located near the driver’s cab and wait for the reader to show a green light and beep to confirm your concessionary bus pass has been accepted for travel.

Further information on concessionary cards can be found here.

Robin Hood Cards & Tickets

CT4N accept all Robin Hood Pay-As-You-Go, Season and Day Tickets.

Scan your card when boarding the bus on the ticket machine, or if you have a paper day ticket, show to the driver when boarding the bus.

Further details regarding Robin Hood can be found here.

Further information

Explore the CT4N website, which contains all the information you will need when using our services. Click here for further information.