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£2 Bus Initiative

The government has extended the £2 single fare scheme to 30th November 2023. 

This applies to all forms of payment including cash and contactless. It will apply to all CT4N commercial routes and contracted ones such as Medilink and Locallink. 

This means that whether you're just heading into town, to work or to see family or friends, getting there will only cost you £2. 

All CT4N & Linkbus services are Contactless   

Please see our contactless FAQ's by clicking here

Linkbus fares are valid for travel on Medilink, Locallink and Worklink services. Contactless Tap & Go works across multiple operators and services for full info see the Linkbus Contactless section on our fares & tickets page

Robin Hood PAYG fares applicable to ALL services operating within the Robin Hood Boundary. 

Ticketing through MyTrip available on services 13, 18 & 19.

You can now buy virtual tickets through the App MyTrip. 

You can now buy 7 and 28 day tickets, more tickets will be added in the coming weeks. 

MyTrip graphic - we now offer cashless ticketing, a safer, easier way to get on our buses


Linkbus fares information

Linkbus Fares - On Board

  Adult Under 19 Student
Single £2.50 £1.60 £2.00
Short Hop (Within One Fare Zone) £1.70 - -
Link Day Ticket* £4.40 - -
Robin Hood Day Ticket £6.20 £3.70 -


* Group = up to 5 people travelling together, any combination of adults and children (minimum 1 adult).

Robin Hood season passes are available from Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre.

NUH staff are permitted to travel FREE on the Medilink service, all other NHS staff boarding the bus must pay the appropriate fare. NUH Staff are reminded that if they fail to show their staff pass, they will have to pay the appropriate fare.  

Robin Hood Pay As You Go 

To get your first Pay-as-you-go card just pop along to any of the on-street ticket machines near your bus stops, (for a map of where all the on-street ticket machines are located, click here). Follow the on-screen instructions and your card will be ready and activated for travel.

  Adult Under 19  Student
Single Journey £2.50 £1.60 £2.00
Single Operator Day Cap £5.20 £3.00 £4.00
Multi Operator Day Cap £6.20 £3.70 £5.00
 Tap & Go (Linkbus) £2.50 - -


Medilink & Linkbus Contactless

Contactless is the new way to pay for your journey on Medilink and Linkbus services around Nottingham 

Paying with Contactless

You can use your contactless card or smart device to pay for all tickets on the Linkbus Network of Services, including Robin Hood Day Tickets, Group Tickets, along with Adult and Under 19 Single Tickets – In fact, everything that you would normally have paid for with cash on our previous ticket machines.nctx

Tap & Go

A new feature with our contactless machines is that you can simply ‘Tap & Go’ Adults can simply tap their contactless card or device on the reader and the system will work out the best-capped price for all the journeys made during the day.
If you use Tap & Go on Linkbus, Nottingham City Transport or NET (The Tram) you will pay no more than the current Multi Operator Day Price, therefore allowing you to make as many journeys as possible between all Operators (Tap & Go is not available on Trent Barton services or any of our CT4N Commercial Services)
When boarding the bus, ensure your contactless card is removed from your wallet or purse – This ensures only the card you are paying for your travel is correctly charged and then wait for the beep and away you go.
Tap & Go is only available for Single Adult Journeys, therefore if you are looking to purchase other tickets (for example a Group Link Ticket or Under 19 tickets, then please do not place your card on the reader and advise the driver that you wish to pay for tickets using your contactless card or device.
Wait for the driver to select the basket of tickets on their ticket machine screen (up to the value of £15) and then wait to be advised to place your card on the reader. Once complete you can then take your tickets.

How does Contactless Tap & Go Work?

There’s no need to ask the driver for a ticket, as the system will automatically calculate the best price for the journeys you make during the day (04:30-04:29 the next morning).
Simply tap your contactless card or device on the green reader each time you board the bus, wait for the green light to show your payment has been accepted and then take your seat. 
Please use the same contactless card or device for all your journeys on the same day. Using different contactless cards and devices will prevent day caps from being applied and you will be charged more than you were expecting.
At the end of each day, one payment will be deducted from your account. Any deductions will appear on your bank statement within a couple of days. 
How much will I pay for my journeys?
If you make only one journey on the Linkbus Network of services, you will only be charged the same price as a single ticket, however, if you make multiple journeys, you will only pay the single operator day cap limit and if you make journeys on Linkbus, NCT and NET, then you will pay no more than the Multi Operator Day Price


I’ve been charged incorrectly – What should I do?

If you paid using a card, you can view your journey history on the Nottingham Contactless website If you paid for your journey using a device, check your Apple or Google account the day after your trip.
If you have paid using a card, please register your query through the Nottingham Contactless website by searching for your journey and selecting "Query this Journey" 
Please note that our drivers are unable to process refunds if you have paid with a contactless card or device, therefore please retain any tickets or details of the journey you have taken, as this information will be required when making an application for a refund or making a query.




CT4N Fares


Contactless FAQ's

Robin Hood PAYG Cards

To get your first Pay-as-you-go card just pop along to any of the on-street ticket machines near your bus stops, (for a map of where all the onstreet ticket machines are located, click here). Follow the on-screen instructions and your card will be ready and activated for travel. PAYG offers you discounted travel compared to a cash ticket, for example a single trip on a linkbus with PAYG is only £2.20, but using cash it is £2.40.

Robin Hood Season Cards

If you travel regularly on several different operators, a Robin Hood season card might be a better fit for you. For more information on Adult, U19 and Student options, please visit robinhoodnetwork.co.uk/season-cards

The Robin Hood family of Cards and Tickets

There is a range of Robin Hood travel cards and tickets, check out which option is best for you using the fare calculator

Concessionary cards

Concessionary cards are valid on all services (as per scheme conditions).
Concessionary cards are valid for travel at Queens Drive P&R & Wilkinson Street P&R for the Medilink service.

Nottingham City Mobility Card Holders are permitted to travel before 09:30 Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday as per normal.

For more information about concessionary cards - how to apply for one, what to do if you have lost your concessionary card, what the scheme conditions are and the age you become eligable for one.

School Fares

Fares & Pass Information

Services 415/601/606/652

Revised 15th August 2023


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