Temporary Timetable brought in on L4 and L5

Temporary Timetable brought in on L4 and L5

From Monday 20th June 2022, there are temporary changes to Services L4 and L5.

This is due to driver shortages within the UK which is impacting on CT4N to operate all our services effectively.

These changes have been discussed with Nottingham City Council.

CT4N pride themselves on delivering a quality service, however without sufficient drivers to operate these journeys, then we let our customers down, which is something we don’t like to do.

Further drivers are currently being recruited; therefore we hope to return to a full timetabled service.

CT4N thank you for your patience at this difficult time 

View the new timetables here 

New Temporary L4  Timetable 

New Temporary L5 Timetable