Driver Shortages Cause Reduction In Services

Driver Shortages Cause Reduction In Services

Due to driver shortages within the bus industry, we will unfortunately have to reduce service levels on several services until further notice, which is to ensure that we can maintain a reliable service.

These changes will take place from Monday 29th November, and will effect services L4, 2, 22, 23, 33.

The journeys on each service shown below will operate:

Service 33 to Nottingham:
06:20 from Sutton (not Saturday)
07:50 from Cropwell Bishop
09:42 from Cropwell Bishop
11:42 from Cropwell Bishop
13:42 from Cropwell Bishop
15:41 from Cropwell Bishop (33X)
17:21 from Cropwell Bishop (33X)

Service 33 to Cropwell/Sutton:
07:25 to Cropwell Bishop (33X, not Saturday)
08:45 to Cropwell Bishop
12:45 to Cropwell Bishop
14:45 to Cropwell Bishop
16:25 to Cropwell Bishop
18:05 to Sutton

Service 22 Gamston Circular:
08:30 Silverdale to Wilford
09:30 from Gamston
11:30 from Gamston
13:30 from Gamston

Service 23 Gamston Circular:
10:00 from Gamston
12:00 from Gamston
14:00 from Gamston
15:40 Wilford to Silverdale

Service L4 to Nottingham:
09:35 from Beechdale
11:35 from Beechdale
13:35 from Beechdale
15:35 from Beechdale

Service L4 to Strelley and Beechdale:
10:30 from Nottingham
12:30 from Nottingham
14:30 from Nottingham

Service 2 will be suspended until further notice. 

Timetables will be available on our website Monday.

CT4N apologise for any inconvenience these changes may cause.