The ‘Hidden Hero’ at Nottingham Community Transport

The ‘Hidden Hero’ at Nottingham Community Transport

Nottingham Community Transport is today celebrating success at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) 2020 Awards for Excellence, which was held last night.

Elaine Allitt, who works for Nottingham Community Transport as Easylink Coordinator has been awarded the prestigious Sir Robert Lawrence Award, which was founded to recognise those who have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the profession of logistics and transport. This year CILT wanted to recognise and celebrate the contribution of a ‘Hidden Hero’ who has excelled in their contribution to society during an unprecedented year.

Managing Director Ian Combellack said: “Over the past 12 months, Elaine has gone above and beyond in her role to help people in need. From what started as telephone welfare checks on all our Easylink customers has now transpired into something a lot bigger.”

Whether it is a bunch of flowers for a customer who is feeling low, a birthday card to celebrate a milestone, reassuring customers that our services are safe to use, or providing a shoulder for people to cry on, Elaine has been there all the time.

“In addition to offering a listening ear, Elaine has organised medical supplies, arranged for drivers to collect prescriptions and undertake essential shopping for some of our most vulnerable customers. She also organised the collection of items from her colleagues and friends, so that she could provide a number of food hampers for people who were suffering unavoidable hardship” said Ian.

When the Covid vaccinations programme started, it was Elaine again who was at the forefront of ensuring our most vulnerable customers had transport to take them for their vaccinations.

Nottingham Community Transport chair Andrew Grieve said: “Everything that Elaine has done has been on her own initiative because it is in her nature to help as many people as possible and I am so proud of her. She is the real deal when it comes to empathy and understanding of need in the community. Elaine has stepped up at a time unprecedented in modern history where people have been so socially isolated and in need of support in so many different ways.”

“The bright star of our Community Transport is Elaine Allitt, but the real winners are our users and members in the Nottingham Community and we’re really proud of what Elaine has been doing.”

Ian added “the past few months have also been difficult time for Elaine and the rest of the family as her ‘baby brother’ has been in hospital suffering with Coronavirus. Despite having her own personal problems to contend with, she has always put other people first before herself and she really is our Hidden Hero and we are delighted that she has won this award.”

Speaking after the award, Elaine thanked everyone in the Company for all of the support that she has received and is over the moon to have won such recognition both for herself, the organisation and the people that we help. She added that we are now ready for the challenges that lay ahead as we start coming out of the pandemic.