Electric Bus Project

CT4N is the largest UK operator of battery powered electric buses, with 2 bespoke electric charging depots for the minibus fleet and the larger single deck BYD fleet. Nottingham City Council own the electric bus fleet and contract CT4N to operate and maintain this fleet for them. Currently the fleet consists of 13 BYD Saloon buses and 45 Optare Solo and Versa minibuses.

The Electric bus project has 3 main objectives

  • Cut operating costs - Savings in fuel costs have reached £300,000 plus operating costs are reduced by up to 40% due to low maintenance costs and no liability for vehicle excise duty
  • Improve air quality - So far we've reduced carbon emissions of over 1050 tonnes, NOx by15 tonnes and PM10 by 83kg (PM10 = tiny particles that can enter the blood stream causing problems for heart health)
  • Reduce noise pollution

For more information about our electric bus project, the details of funding, phases of the project and the fleet, please see our Electric bus fact sheet

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