Fares change March 25th 2018

We've been advised of some fares changes which effect the Linkbus network. Here's everything you need to know about the fares changes for Centrelink, Ecolink, Locallink, Medilink and Worklink.

If you travel on any linkbus service using a Robin Hood PAYG card, you will see no price increase:
Adult Robin Hood pay as you go single fare will remain at £1.00, and the under 19 card holders Robin Hood PAYG single fare will remain at 80p. Note that this is cheaper than the single cash fare tickets.

There will be an increase to Robin Hood day tickets from Sunday 25th March 2018, which is applicable to all bus operators and the tram.
Adult Robin Hood day tickets will increase to £4.50 with PAYG or to £5.00 with cash 
Under 19 Robin Hood day tickets will increase to £2.90 with PAYG or to £3.00 with cash

Adult single cash fares on linkbuses will increase from £1.20 to £1.50
Under 19 single cash fare will remain the same at £1.00

Mango and Easyrider cards now accepted on Locallink services.

Robinhood Pay & Go

* Group = up to 5 people travelling together, any combination of adults and children (minimum 1 adult)
University Students and University staff with a valid University ID may travel for free on any linkbus service, just show the driver your ID when boarding the bus.
NHS staff and NHS students can travel free on the Medilink service. Just show the driver your NHS ID when boarding the bus
Mango and Easyrider cards can travel free on Locallink services